Summer camp

Summer camp Qingdao, China

Contract Length: | Location: Beijing China

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

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Price per person US $ 2960appr:/20,300RMB

  • Route 1 Qingdao- Beijing-Xi’an 20,300 RMB
  • Route 2 Qingdao- Beijing-Shanghai 20,700 RMB
  • Route 3 Qingdao-Qufu-Jinan 19,200 RMB
  • Route 4 Qingdao-Guangzhou-Shenzhen 20,500 RMB

Age range- 16 or above

Duration- 16 days

All Nationalities can apply

Quotation includes

  • Visa services (invitation letter, filling in form, pre-visa counseling, etc.)
  • Inbound service: course training, accommodation (hotels), daily meals, scenic spots tickets, itinerary), travel vehicles.

Quatation does not include

  • passport processing, transportation fees from place of residence to embassy, accommodation costs, etc.
  • single room difference costs.
  • Charges arising from attractions or activities outside of the itinerary.
  • Onshore flights abroad require personal payment.
  • Meals during flight or transit; and all additional charges not specified in the above terms of price.
  • full ticket (Qingdao starting and the last travel city ending)