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TEFL Teacher Stories

My name is Camilo Alvarez and I am from Colombia. Five months ago I was invited by a friend to come to China as an English teacher, the idea didn’t sound bad but I wasn’t sure about going to such as far country. I made a decision and I started to apply for a TEFL certificate, such a really important certificate. I wasn’t still sure because I had never imagined myself teaching English to kids or adults that do not speak my own language, likewise, many questions came up such as how would my life be living there or if I would have somewhere to stay, good or bad, even I wondered about food. Well! I talked to some friends and two of them were interested in coming also. So, the three of us went through different requirements that were needed. When we bought the tickets we couldn’t even believe it. It took us around two days to arrive to China. We do not know how to speak Chinese and it was a little hard at the airports but things worked out at the end.